Understand Your Habits

Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an allusion albeit a very persistent one.”

So sometimes you might wonder how it is you got to where you are but it really is the accumulation of your thoughts and behaviors and responses to things that have happened to you but apply that thinking to your current actions and your current thoughts.

You can’t control other people and I know it’s easier said than done but focus on the things that you have control over which are your own thoughts and your own behavior and that will lead you to a better future.  Habits can really sneak up on you but learning to apply the same philosophy to good habits as you have with bad will make healthy eating effortless.

All the habits and choices you’ve made day by day have led to your current reality.

It really doesn’t do a lot of good to point fingers, continue to look to the past, it’s just an endless cycle do your best to focus on your habits and remember that all the little choices that you make will add up to your future reality.

Albert Einstein also said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

So instead of playing it safe be willing to understand that you will have to step out of your comfort zone and take a different path and approach to get the results that you want really the hardest part is starting, and you’ve already done that, and it will only get easier and easier and the more you participate and the more you take an active role in this journey.

So I like this story about habits:

A Miller and a Camel
One winter day when the Miller was sleeping in the house
He was awakened by a noise
Looking up he saw a camel that had thrust his nose through the door.

“It’s very cold out,” said the camel, “please let me warm by nose a little.”
“Very well,” said the Miller, “but just the nose.”
A little later the camel asked to put his forehead in
then his neck
bit by bit he kept crowding in
until at last his whole body was in the miller’s room
then the camel began to walk about the room knocking things over and doing whatever he pleased
the Miller asked that can leave
“If you don’t like the room you can leave it whenever you wish,” replied the camel, “as for myself I am very comfortable and mean to remain.”

Well the same goes for a habit that comes knocking about and taking over, you know maybe you started out smoking your first cigarette thinking it was disgusting and then years go by and you have a nasty habit. Well bad habits can sneak in but I want you to know that the same philosophy can apply towards good habits, just take it bit by bit and step by step, and before you know it you have healthy habits in your life.

Story from Speaker’s Sourcebook II (Bk.2) by Glen Van Ekeren

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