Tips to stick to your weight loss goals

Everyone procrastinates. It happens to the best of us. Procrastination is the opposite of inspiration and is a time when we just don’t do what we have to do. It is in our human nature to avoid the unwanted task which can be anything like visiting a dentist, cleaning a specific drawer, calling your aunt to wish happy birthday or pursuing weight loss goals.

Experts believe that most people procrastinate as a way to cope with stress, fear, and desire to do a different task or even boredom if they don’t find the current task interesting. Especially when we are aiming to lose weight naturally! We know that it is important for us, but we find it difficult to fit it into our daily lives due to one reason or another. Although, losing weight is not a difficult task but staying motivated towards the diet and fitness goals is the challenging part. Statistics also reveal that losing weight is the topmost new year’s resolution made by Americans which is also the most broken. The determination to lead a healthy lifestyle lasts only for a few weeks after the beginning of the New Year and people soon get back to their unhealthy eating habits.

Our attitude is the key between a successful diet and a failed one. Here are some tips for motivation to lose weight which will help you achieve your goals and result in a slimmer waistline:

  • Tackle your biggest tasks first thing in the morning.
  • Keep a weight loss journal: Write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Why do you want to lose weight and how much? Also, keep track of the struggles that you face during the weight losing journey as well as the successes. You can take the pen and paper route or go online and use a virtual journal and even start a blog to keep track of your weight loss goals. The journal will be a great support especially when no one is there to pat your back and will keep reminding you why you should lose weight naturally.
  • Set motivating, realistic, specific goals: setting vague or impossible goals such as losing a lot of weight or making a commitment to eat a specific food which you dislike every day won’t work. Set goals which are specific, achievable, and in line with your purpose will bring results.
  • Use apps: there are unlimited apps available on your smartphone and tablets that provide resources for weight loss as well as give access to diet programs that will help you stay on track.
  • Celebrate your successes: Maybe others might notice minimal changes in your weight loss – but you do! Give yourself a pat on the back every time you reach a goal and celebrate the victories by giving yourself a treat like a trip to the spa.
  • Don’t be a perfectionist: No one is perfect and many times we indulge in a few savories which can create a setback in our diet goals. If you are not losing weight as per desired, then don’t be too hard on yourself – reconsider your goals and diet plan.
  • Be Patient: You won’t lose weight overnight. The change will come gradually. Just stay motivated and you will see the difference on the scale (and your physical appearance) in a matter of weeks.

We all get motivations from different places. One thing might work you but will be a complete failure with others. Check out my course “how to lose weight in 1 month” here (91% off). The course will not only help you lose weight naturally but also help you tackle challenges like stress,  procrastination, and life, and keep you on the right track towards diet success.

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